Kaikan phrase aine and sakuya first meet

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kaikan phrase aine and sakuya first meet

More than just sakuya Last night i started watching Kaikan phrase again from When he and Aine first meet (after Lucifer's really famous),. Disclaimer: Kaikan Phrase and all its characters do NOT belong to me so do not This isn't my first piece of fiction but it is, however, my first for this particular "I think a vacation would be nice, too," Aine smiled up at Sakuya. Aine becoming the songwriter of the band, Sakuya and Aine start to love each other. Kaikan Phrase Renewal version[Comics complete in 17 volume] For Aine, this is the first time to come back to Japan since their wedding, which was . And there, Aine meets an elegant young man of platinum-blond hair who seems to.

Published on 25th July Price including tax: Newly-drawn poster and a talk with Lucifer are not to be missed. Published on 5th Oct Price including tax: But a serious accident occurs near Canary Islands.

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The terrorist group, whose leader is Cail a tall handsome guy with brownish-red skin, has taken the control of the liner!! Cail was keeping an eye on Aine from when they were in Dobai, and he kidnaps Aine to a 1st class cabin. Cail has given Aine some drug, and Aine is made to make love with Cail in front of Sakuya!?

And Sakuya comes under pressure to do Russian roulette with Cail, betting the lives of Aine and all the passengers of the liner!! In front of the other members, Sakuya puts a hand gun on his temple. Sakuya's life is in danger!! Aine's body is in danger!! Published on 26th Nov Price including tax: Now under the direction of Mr.

Aine too wanting to become the right woman for Sakuya, she starts her job as an assistant of Jeremy, a year old male vocalist.

When just everyone was thinking that everything is going to work out well, Yuki drops out of Aucifer. As a member of Jeremy's band, Yuki now becomes Aucifer's rival!? And as Aine and Sakuya lead a life in New York, a huge ditch starts to appear between them Full of ups and downs on the way to the top of the USA, Aucifer's 2 years are now revealed!! Published on 3rd June Price including tax: Between the shoots, Sakuya and Aine enjoys "Roman Holiday" but there comes an emergency phone call from Takayama.

He says that a year old boy Tony, who is a darling of the classic music world known as having angel's voice, is going to sing "Love Melody" at an opera concert, and he has invited Aucifer to an evening party of European social circles. Sakuya suggests a 24 hour live show by the roadside. Two men want to sell their theater tickets and hang out with them.

Afterwards, one offers to lend them a venue. Yuuka advertises the "Lucifer live warehouse show". It is a huge success. They drive on to the next city, Nagoya. That night, Lucifer sees the band Feel perform before a large audience in the park. At another club, Sakuya and Yuuka try to convince the manager to let Lucifer play as support act for Woods Black, but Feel's lead singer appears with the same request.

They agree to do a joint show in the park to decide the matter. Lucifer fears the audience will be biased, as the crowd knows Feel but not Lucifer. Before their real gig begins, Sakuya plays a harmonica composition and wins over the crowd.

Neither band gets to play as support act, as both are better than the original band. Atsuro is feeling low again. Sakuya takes a solitary walk. Towa acknowledges their significant improvement. Neon watches Lucifer perform at the bar. Towa plays lead guitar, but Atsuro plays badly.

kaikan phrase aine and sakuya first meet

After a fight with Santa, Atsuro goes off with girl band Lorelei, whom he saw playing in the park. The other band members worry and search for him. The female guitarist understands Atsuro's situation and gives him advice. She invites him to a joint gig that evening, and phones Lucifer to invite them as guests.

Atsuro reunites with his bandmates and apologizes; the others say he was amazing on stage. Lucifer's "comeback" concert at the park coincides with a typhoon, but they brave the storm and the audience grows despite the weather. An unknown man searches for the band and finds Yuuka's advertisement.

He attends the concert, reveals himself as a judge from the Tokyo contest, and offers them an official debut. He and Lucifer meet, discuss the contract, and they sign.

This is Aine Yukimura's first appearance: Her parents fight constantly and do not show her much love and care. Her relationship with her boyfriend is not going well, and she is wondering what true love is. Sakuya accepts a bet with the irritated staff: They introduce the band members.

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Recap of previous episodes. Sakuya wants to leave because he has lost the bet, but Sasaki forbids it and wants a chance to redeem the band.

Sasaki blames Sakuya for their Number 7 position, saying the fans feel his coldness.

kaikan phrase aine and sakuya first meet

The pressure is on Sakuya to write a better song for the second single. It will be introduced at the end of their debut concert. Sakuya meets the woman from the hotel again. She tells him he has never loved anyone seriously. He is unable to write the song. It is the day of the concert. Aine has finished her poem, and later sees her boyfriend cheating. She runs across the street as Sakuya is riding past on his motorbike. He gives her a backstage pass to make amends.

She walks away, leaving a fallen page containing her poem, which Sakuya picks up. That evening, Aine decides to go to the concert. She hears her poem being sung. It is the man who almost ran her down. Sakuya sees her and pulls her backstage as soon as the lights go off. Sasaki sends Aine away. Sakuya attacks Sasaki and announces that Aine wrote the song. After school, Sakuya collects Aine and drives her to Jupiter Records. Sasaki wants the songwriter officially announced, but using a male penname.

Sakuya agrees to tell her all about himself. His mother was an alcoholic jazz singer. Sakuya was the unwanted child she had with an American man, and she neglected him.

Aine thinks of phrases for the new song, and gives them to Sakuya in front of some of his fans. They ambush Aine, but Sakuya rescues her and promises to protect her. The band notices he has changed since meeting Aine. Yuuka leaves for London early, and the band members cannot go to say goodbye as they are now too famous.

Aine gives Yuuka a CD as a farewell gift before Yuuka boards her flight. He and Sakuya meet and there is instant rivalry between them. His concert hall is not big enough to contain the crowd. Ralph decides to crush them once and for all. Sakuya and Aine must spend a week in a hotel next to Metro Records to write the new songs. The other band members promote the songs in advance. The first song is completed, then the second and third. Ralph learns that a girl is staying with Sakuya in the honeymoon suite.

He decides to spread the rumor to the media. The fourth song is finished. Jupiter Records has trouble dealing with the rumor. Sakuya and Aine are separated, and have trouble writing the last song.

Kudo, from the band Radical, gossips to the media about Sakuya. Listening to the radio show, Aine gets an idea for the last song and finishes the lyrics for "Plasmagic". Ralph launches a major promotion for his bands. The other members decide to do a concert tour and Sakuya has no intention of letting Ralph win.

On tour, they visit the ticket seller in Hakodate, the band Lorelei in Osaka, and many other cities. Feel wants to recruit Atsuro, and Neon wants Towa back, but both band members decline. The ex-members all decide to release their own debut singles. Their individual popularity rises. All are invited to play at the J-Rock festival.

Sasaki accepts, leaves Japan to inform Freddy, and tells the ex-members. Freddy arrives by helicopter, bringing Sakuya with him. The band announces Sakuya's return as lead vocalist. They use the festival broadcast to promote their comeback concert at the Todo residence.

Aine runs an errand, and is kidnapped. Ralph phones Sakuya telling him to meet at a hotel to settle things once and for all.

The half-brothers have a fistfight. Sakuya leaves to look for Aine, and finds her in a hotel room. Sakuya asks Aine to go for a walk with him. He tells her to stay with him so that he can protect her, because he brought her into the dangerous entertainment business. She says she is glad she met him, and they kiss in the street. Sakuya is angry when she reveals their past romantic relationship. Ayako wants Sakuya to play the male lead, her lover in the drama.

Aine is bothered by Ayako and Sakuya's past relationship, but Sakuya tells her that his future belongs to Aine alone. He turns down Ayako's offer, and Ayako insults the band. Sakuya then agrees to take the lead role, aiming to get revenge through superior ability.

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Aine is upset seeing them act together. Ayako falls more deeply in love with Sakuya. Ayako orders someone to do something to stop Aine watching filming, and a scaffold falls on Aine.

Sakuya is injured shielding Aine with his body. Ayako blames Aine for the delay in filming, saying she caused Sakuya's wound. Sakuya wants to go on acting to prove Ayako wrong. She hires a photographer to expose their secret and their relationship. Sakuya gets revenge by tricking the reporter into disclosing the false relationship between Sakuya and Ayako.

Ayako falls to the floor with blood pouring from a cut on her arm. Ayako tells Aine she is depressed. Sakuya tells Ayako she did not really intend to die. Sakuya is blamed for their love scandal and the suicide rumors. Only Aine knows that Sakuya acted to protect her, and because of this feels that she is a burden to him.

Aine begs Ayako to stop causing trouble for Sakuya. Aine collapses from the strain, but Sakuya catches her and takes her to his flat. He looks after Aine and she says she wants him to continue filming.

Sakuya tells Ayako he loves Aine alone. Ayako announces to the press that she and Sakuya have broken up. Atsuro must to go to school and study for exams as he has a deal with his parents that he will graduate from high school. Yumi has problems, and Santa wants to help her by being her drummer. Yuki must rehearse to replace his sick father in the Noh performances.

Towa looks after a stray puppy. Sakuya goes on dates with Aine. Sasaki is angry because the band members are neglecting rehearsals and taking the concert too lightly. He discovers talented band e. Santa's unprofessional behavior annoys Sakuya.

The band members squabble. MU will beat them. MU compete on a live broadcast. MU single hits the top of the charts, and Sasaki wants e. MU will take over the three-day concert. Sasaki wants Aine to write lyrics for e. MU, but she declines. Atsuro's exams are over, and Yuki stops his Noh rehearsals and returns to the band. The Cradle is to reopen. Yuki wants to do another live tour, but Sakuya wants to win the three-day Dome concert back from e.

Both singles will release on the same day.

kaikan phrase aine and sakuya first meet

The band that is at the top of the charts after two weeks will play the concert. Sakuya must write the melody.