High school musical troy and gabriella meet again

We Meet Again Chapter 1: It's Him, a high school musical fanfic | FanFiction

high school musical troy and gabriella meet again

Jun 22, You think that its forever and you will never have them in your arms again. Well thats what Troy and Gabriella thought until they met at the. Aug 7, Complete Gabriella's mom company get transfered and Gabriella leaves Troy, never telling him about the baby about to arrive. What happens. Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez are the main couple of the High School Musical movies. Gabriella and Troy first meet on New Year's Eve. around in the sprinklers, Troy and Gabriella share their first kiss, boyfriend and girlfriend once again.

Call me we should go shopping soon with Shar. Luv Ya, Tay Gabi smiled.

high school musical troy and gabriella meet again

Taylor, Sharpay and her still did things together as if they still went to school together. They only lived ten minutes from each other. They all moved to California together.

Chad Danforth moved with Taylor since they we're still dating after graduation. Chad was Troy Bolton's best friend but he treated Gabi as a sister. Gabi didn't want to think about Troy. He hated her the moment she walked through the doors of East High.

High School Musical - Troy & Gabriella audition

Gabi opened the second message. It was from Sharpay. Hey, Wasn't sure if Tay emailed you so I thought I would about our shopping date this weekend. Call me and tell me if you're coming. You better be or I'll track you down.

Until We Meet Again Chapter 12, a high school musical fanfic | FanFiction

Luv u Toodles Shar She loved her friends they always kept her up to date. She emailed them both back. Shopping with the girls was going to take all the stress out of her life. Well at least for a day. That's all she needed. She got up and took her shower. She got out of the shower and got dressed.

She sprayed her perfume on, grabbed her purse and left her dorm. As she walked to her first class she politely exchanged "Heys" and waves. She turned the corner into her class and took her seat. Her friend Bethany turned around. Did you have another Bolton the Jerk nightmare? She was worn out. She had been having these dreams for a week.

But something was still missing….

high school musical troy and gabriella meet again

Troy woke up in the night, a picture of a young girl of about 14 flashed into his mind. She had beautiful brown eyes, and long curly dark brown hair.

What happens when Gabriella comes to the care home…? Gabriella walks into the care home, with her bags. Looking around the huge hall and everyone staring at her. No one answered they just stared at her. Will Gabriella fit in…? Gabriella walked into the lounge area, and sat down next to a girl with long blonde hair.

Why doesn't Troy like her…? Gabriella is sat in the pool, with Sharpay, Taylor and Kelsi. She's laughing and joking with them. Do Troy and Gabriella have a past…? What is their past…? Gabriella sat on her bed crying, looking at a picture, of her and a boy, he had gorgeous blue yes and light chestnut shaggy brown hair. Troy stood on the basketball court, playing with a locket he had in his pocket.

high school musical troy and gabriella meet again

Will they ever be able to sort things out…? Will anything ever work out…? At a party, Gabriella is stood with the girls as she stares at Troy who is making-out with a girl. What happens when Gabriella's mom comes back…?

What happened when Gabriella ends up in hospital…? The Gang are at the hospital, as they watch Gabriella through the window. Can they sort their problems out…?