Harry ron and hermione meet fluffy pancake

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harry ron and hermione meet fluffy pancake

By: Fluffy Green Thing. What if Hermione called instead of Ron in the 3rd book? Harry had already made bacon, scrambled eggs, pancakes, a plate of They met Hermione soon after but they were only friends after the. See more ideas about Harry potter universal, Harry potter fandom and Harry potter images. Fluffy Pancakes-try using this recipe in the over for a clafoutis, just add fruit to the bottom of a tart pan Show Stopping Beef Wellington //very tasty recipe Recipes With Pork Ribs, Meat Recipes .. Harry and Ginny Potter children. Bangers and mash with Harry, Ron, and Hermione in the Hogwarts dining hall. A proper . Light, fluffy, crepe-like pancakes with a hint of lemon zest. I ate them.

His aunt didn't even thank him before pouring herself a cup of Joe and looking brighter and more awake already. Harry decided that it was fine to join her and so they ate breakfast together in silence until uncle Vernon came down. He had been hearing that every single day of his life. Harry had been put into the care of his aunt and uncle when his parents, James and Lily Potter, were killed by this evil dude Voldemort.

He tried to kill Harry but failed, which resulted in Harry having a lighting-bolt shaped scar on his forehead. It was occasionally hidden by the bangs of his messy, untamable raven-black hair, which he inherited from his father and above the emerald green eyes from his mother, behind a pair of round glasses, again from his father. Harry had always been a scrawny boy and even though he had grown a couple inches while being properly fed at Hogwarts, he still was the same scrawny little boy.

Harry was built exactly like his father, had they been put next to each other, they would have been called twins. The only thing that was different was Harry's eyes, passed on from his mother. Uncle Vernon sat down as well, complaining about things to Petunia, completely ignoring Harry's existence.

He didn't feel bothered. Harry had to finish a lot of homework by the end of the summer and he wasn't sure how he would do it without the help of his super smart genius best friend Hermione.

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She was the best in their year, spent nearly all her time studying or in the library and was known to be the favorite of most teachers. His other friend, Ron, wasn't anyone in particular. They had been friends ever since Ron entered his compartment on the train. They met Hermione soon after but they were only friends after the boys beat up a troll to save her. Ron was obsessed with Quidditch, a Wizarding sport, as Hermione was with learning.

Harry could always trust his friends to make him laugh or be loyal no matter what. Not long after Vernon came down, so did Dudley. The steps were creaking in agony as the fatso stepped on them. The boy's parents thought he was perfect, no finer boy anywhere. To them he was Ickle Diddykins, a 'little tyke', Dinky Duddyums and whatever else his mother thought of. Harry had a different train of thought when it came to his cousin; he looked like a pig in a wig, and if he didn't stop eating, he would be a hippo in a wig.

But can you move mummy? My favorite show is on. It was an end-of-school present for him because apparently 'the walk from the living room to the kitchen was too long.

The phone rang and uncle Vernon picked it up. How may I help you?

harry potter pancakes

No, it's no bother at all. There's a girl on the phone for you! She wants to talk to you!

harry ron and hermione meet fluffy pancake

Turn that TV off and talk to her. It was someone called Millicent Bulstrode. Do we know her? He just watched them, his expression somewhere between shock and amusement.

Suddenly Dudley ran back into the room, his parents stopped dancing and singing, while he threw the phone at Harry while barely staying there long enough to say "She wants to talk to you. Harry sat there in shock for a second before slowly getting up to his feet and walking to his room where he could talk to 'Millicent Bulstrode' in private.

No one had EVER called him before. Is that really you? I figured that lump had gone in shock because a girl spoke to him and hung up or something because there was a long silence but now I know he got the phone to you! How's your summer been so far?

I've been dying to call you but I thought it was too soon. The girl was talking very fast, as if she was a recorded message just being played faster until it becomes a jumbled mess of squeaks. She was somewhere in the middle, sort of understandable but still too fast. Did you really want to be reminded of your Polyjuice fail? Well it was the first name that popped into my head. Besides, Millicent was a fat ugly person too so it's kind of perfect, don't you think?

Thinking that it was too much of a coincidence that, as Hagrid had always dreamed of owning a dragonsomeone just happened to show up at the local pub with a dragon egg, the trio questioned Hagrid about the supposed dragon dealer.

harry ron and hermione meet fluffy pancake

Upon finding out that Hagrid had never even seen the man's face, as he wore a hood, yet Hagrid had drunkenly told him how to get past Fluffy, they came to the conclusion that the hooded man must have been Severus Snapewhen it was really Professor Quirrell. Before Hagrid told Quirrell, though he didn't know it was Quirrell, Hagrid and Dumbledore were the only ones who knew how to get past Fluffy.

As that meant the stone was no longer safe, they decided to go after Snape themselves, and Harry brought along the flute that Hagrid had given him for Christmas to use in lulling Fluffy to sleep.

Arriving at the room, they noticed an enchanted harp at a sleeping Fluffy's feet, and believed that Professor Snape was already on his way to retrieving the stone.

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Fluffy soon awoke, as the enchantment on the harp wore off, and it stopped playing. As Harry played the flute, which almost immediately put Fluffy back to sleep, Ron crept over to the trap door and opened it, but was unable to see anything below.

Hermione took over playing the flute, while Harry jumped in first, followed by Ron. After they called up to Hermione that it was safe, she stopped playing and jumped down the trap door just in time, as Fluffy woke up as soon as the music stopped. After Fluffy's duties were done, and the Stone was destroyed, Hagrid set Fluffy free temporarily in the Forbidden Forest.

One known way to calm Fluffy was to play music, which made him fall asleep. Three-headed dogs were very rare creatures, and it is unknown if, like the Runespooreach head served a different purpose. Behind the scenes In the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's StoneHagrid says he bought Fluffy from "an Irish feller" rather than "a Greek chappie".

In the film adaptation Neville was not present when the trio first met Fluffy. In the book Quirrell and the trio use different musical instruments to put Fluffy to sleep, a harp and a flute. In the film adaptation the harp is still playing when they enter the room and only stops just before they jump down into the trap door just in the nick of time.