Grim adventures of billy and mandy episode 1 meet the reaper watch

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grim adventures of billy and mandy episode 1 meet the reaper watch

The two main characters, Billy and Mandy, have obliged the Grim Reaper to be their At the end of the Season 1 theme song if you play it in reverse it says, "No, . [Billy and Mandy meet Grim for the first time]: Billy: Look! [Billy and Grim are watching B production horror film]: Billy: This is scary! . Billy: This episode, you. The Grim Adventures Of Billy and Mandy Episode 1 – Meet the Reaper Online at if The Grim Adventures Of Billy and Mandy Episode 1 – Meet. The fifth season of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy consists of 13 regular episodes in of how they first met from the first episode in the series, "Meet the Reaper". When Mandy and Grim tell Billy to quit watching TV and follow his life .. released on Cartoon Network Fridays on September 19, in region one.

Looks like this will. Billy, a silly, happy boy and Mandy, a sinister evil minded girl are friends with the Grim Reaper who has a lot of powers and is forced to be Billy. Season 4, Episode Genre: Billy and Mandy are a mismatched pair of youngsters who befriend the Grim Reaper after winning a.

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I just needed some time to relax after my skeleton episode! Includes an episode list, cast and character list, character guides, gallery, and more. Never miss out on any episode!

Find and follow posts tagged the grim adventures of billy and mandy on Tumblr. This season has 11 regular episodes. Grim settles in to his new life above ground. Billy and Mandy get a lesson on possession, Grim lands a part-time job as a swimsuit model, and Mandy is forced to. Visit SideReel to access. A show featuring the exploits of the Grim Reaper, forced into being the best friend of two.

It is said he still lives in that old house, untouched by time Every Halloween night, Jack emerges with a sack full of tricks, and he plays terrible pranks on the people of Endsville So Billy, that's why people trick on Halloween.

Oh, that is the lamest story I ever heard! I'm SO sure - Jack the evil pumpkin-head prankster! Well, I don't buy it! The door opens, and Jack pokes head out. Billy continues to knock on Jack's head, stops when he finally notices him, and then knocks a final time. My very own pet skunk! Hey, little guy, my name's Billy- [gets skunked] He likes me. As you can see, I have more important pranks to pull. So get lost, and take that phony scythe with you.

This scythe ain't phony! It's the real thing! Close up on scythe blade shows Grim's name and address. Give it to me! Oh no, Grim said the scythe could open a vortex to the Underworld, and, in the wrong hands, it could be a The oldest trick in the book, and you fell for it, my boy. Now I have the scythe and ALL of its terrible powers! You wanna trick-or-treat with me? Do you mind if I bring a few I'm beginning to like you, kid. So where are your friends, Jack?

All I see around here are a bunch of stupid pumpkins! Jack lifts the scythe and slices open a spacial rift in the clouds, unleashing hundreds of demons from the Underworld.

Allow me to introduce you to my friends! With the Grim Reaper's scythe at my side, chaos will reign! Be free, spirits of the Underworld! Take these pumpkin for bodies and live again! Together, we will rule the night and take our revenge on the people of Endsville! Now it's OUR turn to walk the streets while the people of Endsville coward in their homes!

The sun will never rise again, and it will be Halloween every night Now that's what I call Halloween spirit. How's your Halloween been so far? Give me my scythe! Sorry, but I'll be needing it to control the universe! Oh, have you two met? Well, relax, old friend. Three hundred and sixty-four days a year, I can't even go to the ding-dong grocery store to buy pudding! And do you know WHY? And why is THAT? Is it 'cause Grim cut your real head off?

And tonight, I'm going to return the favor! You're going to cut Grim's head off? Don't be such an idiot. He removes Grim's head repeatedly to prove his point. Ah, but any head cut off with the Grim Reaper's scythe stays off Sorry, Grim ol' boy, tough break.

Now, now, that's no way to get a head! Come on, now, [snaps fingers] where's your sense of humor?

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy S1 Ep1 – Meet the Reaper ~ Skeletons in the Water Closet

A tree demon ties Grim up and forces him to lean over on a tree stump execution-style. Jack O'Lantern laughs deviously and walks away. He returns with a basket, whistling casually as he drops it under Grim's head. While walking away, Billy whistles casually.

Then a lightbulb goes on over his head as he realizes the whole decapitation issue. This makes Grim feel less like a formidable, fearsome, supernatural force to be reckoned with, and more like an average person. How could the Grim Reaper allow himself to be insulted that easily? Or he must have a general desire to be shown compassion by a partner.

Even though it was never a fully developed trait at this point, this episode made me wonder: But the episode ends with Billy and Mandy returning Gregory back home and reclaiming Grim, making him go back to his grumpy old self, a way of expressing his disappointment that they took him away from being truly loved. Based on the insight that Season 1 has given us, Grim is depressed that he is now a joke of the Underworld society, and only wants to be respected and loved by anybody. Quite obviously, Billy is the token idiot character of the show, mistaking Grim for Santa Clause upon meeting him for the first time.

However, he is revealed at later stages to be mildly more layered than that.

grim adventures of billy and mandy episode 1 meet the reaper watch

He is high-functioning, so to speak. The episode begins with Billy trying to phone his friend Irwin, whom we see resisting the urge to answer the phone, indicating that he wants to avoid him. Billy then tries to find his Mum in the kitchen and wants her to make him a sandwich, but she is missing.

He searches for his Dad in his workshop in the garage, and he too is missing.

grim adventures of billy and mandy episode 1 meet the reaper watch

Billy finally finds Grim, and being that he is the only other person around, begins to think that he murdered everybody. Mandy says that she doubts it. It seems here that he got too wrapped up in his own excitement to think about anything else. Here, he dresses up as a mummy for Halloween and puts on a scary attitude, but when they approach a house with elaborate, over-the-top Halloween decorations, he cowers out. This further reinforces his over-optimistic nature and how he never considers if anything bad might actually happen.

Meet the Reaper/Evil Con Carne/Skeletons in the Water Closet

Mandy remarks that she thinks the house is bound to have jumbo candy bars, wherein Billy reclaims his excitement, seizing an opportunity to get something that he likes. He also owns a helmet and a frisbee with the brand on it, further revealing that it is a brand that he adores very much, one that particularly revels in the notion of friendship.

This tells the audience that Billy would go as far as to befriend a supernatural force such as the Grim Reaper, indicating how desperate he is. It also harks back to his over-optimism, being as Grim is associated with death. Grim recognises that he has made Billy upset, and promises to do something else with him. Billy reminds him that his Mum said it was about time for him to clean his ears out, but Grim imagines doing that and is disgusted, giving in and deciding to help Billy throw the party.

To add to his extreme habit of friend-making, Billy is undoubtedly the most compassionate and sympathetic character in the entire show, even towards characters that mostly do bad things. The moment anyone else reveals that they just want to be loved, Billy is there to do what he can to cheer them up. Out of the blue, Billy shows compassion towards him, and promises to show Nergal how to make friends by teaching him what he calls the 5 Cs of friendship: Cleanliness, Consideration, Compliments, Conversation and Sharing.

Billy appears to have sufficient knowledge on how to make friends and approach people, evident in his own 5 Cs technique.

grim adventures of billy and mandy episode 1 meet the reaper watch

The 5th and last one, Sharing, is only there to reinforce the notion that he is the token idiot character. Billy never addresses people for their flaws. Furthermore, whenever Billy is actually getting physically tormented, Mandy appears to be concerned that something bad might happen to him. Mandy and Grim eventually obtain the ingredients, and once Billy drinks the remedy, he starts acting up, which makes Mandy concerned.

To add to this point, the notion of Billy being the token idiot character comes across as a cheap throwaway gag to me, not a solid characteristic. These demonstrate that he wishes to expand upon his knowledge, contradicting the idiocy that everybody else usually associates him with. Maybe the reason that it was a surprise party was because everyone knows that Billy gets fooled very easily. Lastly, Billy is an unashamed risk taker, and is usually the one that sets the plot in motion.

grim adventures of billy and mandy episode 1 meet the reaper watch

Furthermore he is unafraid to be acquainted with the Grim Reaper of all people, and as has been established genuinely sees him as a friend. The genie promises Billy, Mandy and Grim one wish each. Billy is unsure what he wants to wish for, the gag that it builds up to being that he wishes he knew what he wanted to wish for. In doing so he turns his house into a massive skeletal fortress.