Gohan and videl meet future pan fanfiction

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gohan and videl meet future pan fanfiction

"I'm right here, Gohan," M. Trunks, or Mirai, said, as he walled into view. What Gohan . "Bulma, Mirai came back, and I was wondering, where's Pan?" he asked. "Don't you want to meet Uncle Goten and Aunt Kara?". It would be great to have Gohan meet his future daughter (A/n In MY fic, Videl died giving birth to Pan (in the mirai timeline, not he 'normal'. "I'm right here, Gohan," M. Trunks, or Mirai, said, as he walled into view. What Gohan . "Bulma, Mirai came back, and I was wondering, where's Pan?" he asked. "Don't you want to meet Uncle Goten and Aunt Kara?".

No that cant be right. There's something going on. Scene Change Lab The students were taken back by the news. After a few seconds another joined in "Thats right he defeated Cell he can take on these monsters surely. Videl look over at Bulma "Who's Cell? Bulma then leaned forward "I'll tell you later. Videl satisfied she turned back to the awaiting eager class. He's pobably under a rock person who saved me after my father left me and ran away, was my husband Unfortunately my husband died while fighting them eventaully.

He was a strong brave man. The whole class and very ferrous Videl look towards F. Videl for a answer. Videl look at him and sighed "I don't know what this worlds Videl is doing but your not my husband. Matter of fact you don't even come close as strong as him. Your husband must be pathetic if he died to a bunch of tin cans! Videl was looking ferrous at him while Videl was walking towards him.

She was about to reach him until he went flying across the room and made a dent into the wall.

gohan and videl meet future pan fanfiction

The group then look back towards the hitter and found the little girl holding up her leg and putting it down "Don't you make fun of my daddy you big meanie! Videl was surprised but please that, that's how strong her daughter will be and saw the the future her also had a please look. Bulma breaking out of her daze look towards F. Your husband couldn't be Videl who look proud of her next few words "Yup you guessed right my husband is Why do I sense two The class stared at Gohan whose outfit was completely ruined.

They was wondering what could have happen for his clothes to be in such a state, but stopped wondering when they the next few words. Videl and Pan said running towards him and embracing him into a hug. Videl was extremely happy hearing this news and look towards the Bulma who had a smile on her face with a tear going down from her eye, she then look towards the class and saw a bunch of jealous eyes upon her.

I love you Gohan. Videl said putting her face into his torn shirt. While Pan was hugging Gohan around the waist "I missed you daddy. Videl pulled away along with Pan with a anger look on her face with her arms crossed "Don't you recognized me? Don't you do this to me Gohan! I married you and do this?

Don't tell me you forget about your child too you bastard! Please tell me what's going on I'm so confused. Videl look at him with confusion 'Why does he look so youn I forgot I was in a different timeline. Gohan then got what she meant and then pulled them both into a hug "This is so weird hugging you both but I understand what you mean. While your hear in my world I'll spend as much time you guys are here. I know how messed up the future is. If you both willing to put up with me while your here?

Videl and Pan were over joyed, they look at each other and smiled, looking back at him and agreed "Of course Gohan I do marry you after all. I have to put up with you.

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Videl giggled "I'm just playing Gohan. Now let's get you into something more presentable. The class was in awe at them. They were tearing up and loved how they acted around each other. Especially Gohan taking hold of what was happening around him and not passing out. While some of the girls were super jealous of finding out Gohan marrys Videl Videl on the other was in awe but in jealousy 'That. How dare she-me do this. Bulma was now left to deal with students that had no idea what was going on.

Turning towards them she decide to get them back to work "Ok ok now students it's time for you to get to work. Now if you follow me I'll take you to where you will learn the history of Capsule Corp.

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Scene Change Son Wing Videl was walking down a hallway that she was sure Gohan and his future family was walking down until she heard voices in a room. Videl handed Gohan a new outfit "Gohan you gotta be careful while training. I know you are a saiyan and all but still what if this Videl in this world loses you. Gohan then blushed "Actually Videl doesn't know I like her.

We've grown close but I haven't told her anything. She then look at his shoulder that caught her eye "Gohan where did that scar come from? This I got from a android named Cell. What was Gohan doing around Cell? That one" she said pointing towards his other arm. Gohan look at his arm "Oh that one. I got that from helping you well this worlds you from a group of thugs six years ago.

Videl look at Gohan with eyes Gohan haven't seen before. Videl then had a smile on her face after seeing the look on Videl's face "I'll leave you two your does. Come on Pan let's leave your daddy and your past mommy to get something to eat. If I know your dad when he sees food it will be gone. Pan then ran up to Gohan and kissed him on his cheek "See you at lunch daddy. Videl and Pan left the two blushing teens Videl then walk up to Gohan with her arms crossed "So Gohan when was you planning on telling me you beat Cell, also more importantly tell me you was the person who saved me and like me?

Gohan sighed and then got a serious look on his face making Videl wonder what was he going to say "I wanted to tell you I was the one who did it. I really did and for loving you I also wanted to tell you but there's something about me, that I would think you would no longer want to even consider being with me.

Videl look at curiously "Is it about what future me and Vegeta said. What was the word again? What he didn't notice however was the small figure of a young girl following him.

She couldn't have been older than six, with tomboyish short hair and a cute expression. An orange gi was worn by the girl, a familiar one at that. Still unaware, Vegeta didn't take into account that the girl had followed what he said literally which was 'come with me now to fight', in case you already forgot.

Vegeta was bored now, the Gravity Room once again broken. There was a clang of something metal dropped, before one of the lab doors opened, revealing the blue haired genius herself. The genius raised an eyebrow, lowering the wrench in her hand.

gohan and videl meet future pan fanfiction

Gohan in his white shirt and red pants, with a black vest over his shirt. Videl wearing her white shirt and black shorts. Sitting next to each other and sneezing together must have been a comical sight. While doing so, Gohan tapped his pencil on his temple. In the Son home, Gohan's mother, Chichi, closed her eyes, as if listening for something. She was wearing a yellow Chinese formal dress, with her ebony hair tied into a bun. Standing up from the lunch table, which Goten was eating at, the mother of two strained her ears.

Pan gigged as she happily ate her food, just like a normal saiyan. She burped again, this time making Trunks snicker. The four of them were at the kitchen table of Capsule Corporation, eating away. Or at least the three saiyans were.

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Papa is idiot," she said, continuing to stuff the food in her mouth. Vegeta and Trunks tried to laugh, but were to busy stuffing their own mouths at the current moment. The girl nodded, wiping her mouth with her thin arm.