Fanfiction star wars anakin and ahsoka meet

Little Ahsoka chapter 1, a star wars: the clone wars fanfic | FanFiction

fanfiction star wars anakin and ahsoka meet

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. starwars. anakinskywalker. ahsoka. obiwankenobi. jedi. clonewars. anakin SWR & SWTCW Fanfic [Note I don't own any ^ just my Oc] In a time far far away. So, another Star Wars fanfic! Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi , Master Plo Koon, Master Mundi, . He realized at that moment that Ahsoka Tano wasn't the snippy, little Togruta he once met in Christophisis.

He recognized her species as the vivid Togruta; one of the Jedi Masters looked similar, but with long, flowing head-tails instead of these stubby ones. Anakin had seen a few Togruta on Tatooine before, but had never had the opportunity then to read about each species like he could here.

He knew that the Togruta youngling was partially echo-blind now; that only in her late teenage years would her senses be refined, until she could locate movement around her without her eyes, and without the Force.

fanfiction star wars anakin and ahsoka meet

This is Ahsoka Tano. She was brought to the Temple recently as well. Anakin felt that he needed to show his independence—but part of the way he could do that was by being polite, by making the person he was speaking to think that their two priorities were the same. He had sold worthless scrap this way. She will be paired with a Master one day.

Anakin smiled with him. Obi-Wan approached and put a tray set with two steaming cups of tea down on the table. Anakin could have sat down next to him, but there was melancholy and remembrance gathering between them like the steam, and so he sat down on the carpet and patted it for Ahsoka to come sit next to him.

She did, and her robe pooled around her. I helped stop the droid army on Naboo. Eventually he went to his room and thought about Qui-Gon, and listened to the low voices from the Masters who were, in their adult way, grieving. For weeks they were stationed on a world which reminded Anakin of another planet, from earlier in the war, where he had eaten grubs and other insects because they had been tastier than the Republic rations. But here, war was no longer new.

There was no thrill in going out and catching things; he kept what energy he had for when he would need to expend it. He washed ration bars down with water.

fanfiction star wars anakin and ahsoka meet

But one day he saw Ahsoka sitting behind a wooden barrier, eating something that stained her hands red. He saw that it had a tail before he ducked back out of her view and composed himself.

fanfiction star wars anakin and ahsoka meet

We don't get sick like you do just because we eat something as soon as we've got it. An alien, certainly, but a Jedi child.

Tell stories, tell us about Shilli and our culture. That's where I ate like this first. I wonder if anyone would bother to make a group like that for Tatooine. Humans aren't very distinct. So that he wouldn't forget what the evil he was trying to fight really looked like, no matter how much he sometimes wanted to trade every sandy day on Tatooine for new memories of shining Coruscant and brighter-shining Padme.

Ahsoka looked out at the sun. Their Finest Hour Through the Force and on the clones' HUDs, the cluster of droids could clearly be seen from five blocks away, and so the Republic troops progressed confidently through the empty city streets.

The clear, white walls around them bore the long black streaks of laser fire. The disk-shaped cleaning droids that constantly patrolled the city would occasionally delve into one of these fissures, extend its painting arm, and be engulfed in a waterfall of sparks.

The CIS never saw their foe coming. The clones swept in below and the Jedi above. Anakin and Ahsoka followed, when Ahsoka felt a hand on her shoulder.

fanfiction star wars anakin and ahsoka meet

She turned to see Master Plo Koon standing there. Anakin kept walking, not realizing she had stopped. I think he may have forgotten. Plo was silent for a moment. Ahsoka smiled a little. Enjoy your birthday, child," Plo squeezed her shoulder. Plo meet her gaze for a minute, understanding.

He walked away, leaving Ahsoka to catch up with her master. He knew Ahsoka and Master Plo had a special relationship. Just meet me by the transport in an hour and half. They separated at the lift, Ahsoka heading towards the lake, Anakin heading towards their quarters.

When he got there, he found Master Plo waiting for him outside his door. Surely you know the tradition. Yes, of course," Anakin nodded.

fanfiction star wars anakin and ahsoka meet

He felt a twinge of guilt as he realized he hadn't even known today was Ahsoka's birthday. She's been with me almost a year and a half. That means I missed her last birthday as well, and she never said anything. What kind of master am I that I don't even know her birthday?

He realized he hadn't been spending a lot of time with Ahsoka lately, outside of training and missions. She probably hates me. No wonder she was so quiet this morning. May I ask what it is? He probably thinks you're neglecting her. A small, custom chamber popped out, revealing a smooth black stone streaked with red. I've carried it with me ever since he gave it to me. May the force be with you, Master Skywalker. Master Plo returned the bow, walking away.

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Later, Anakin stood beside Obi-Wan on the landing platform, waiting for their transport and Ahsoka. I hope Ahsoka passes it on to her future apprentice as well. The two waited in silence, both remembering the Jedi master. He liked the fiery Togruta and felt like she was rather his apprentice as well as Anakin's. Anakin tried not to wince at the pointed comment. But Anakin doesn't know it's my birthday.

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Or you know, I think Aayla Secura has a birthday around this time. He's had a few centuries of them," Anakin glanced at Ahsoka who was trying not to grin. It could be Siri Tachi's though. Or what about Master Plo? Ahsoka, when is Master Plo's birthday?

Maybe he did know after all. Her smile grew wider as the transport landed. Later that night, while in hyperspace, Anakin found Ahsoka reading in their shared quarters on the ship. Or at least what the Kaminos have told us," Ahsoka replied. Anakin hid his pride that Ahsoka was researching their mission.

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Usually his energetic Snips hated reading. He pulled his lightsaber from his belt and opened the hidden compartment at the bottom of the lightsaber. Ahsoka watched as he took out the red and black stone. He held it up for her to see. Who hadn't heard of the famous rebel master who had trained the great Obi-Wan Kenobi and fallen at the hands of the Sith?