Essie meet me at the altar and go ginza

Frazzle and Aniploish: Essie Wedding Collection Comparisons

essie meet me at the altar and go ginza

Essie Nail Polish Meet Me At The Altar. meet me at the altar by essie - romantic rendezvous lilac. Best Nail Essie Nail Lacquer GO GINZA. Feb 21, Left to Right: Maximillian Strasse-Her, Go Ginza, Bond With It's hard to tell in the photo but Meet Me at the Altar is lighter and not quite as pink. Essie Meet Me At The Altar oz - # Essie Meet Me pinks By Essie. go ginza - pinks By Essie Back in the Limo - Sheer Melon Pink Nail Polish by Essie.

Every once in a while I like to go back to past collections, and if I have most of them, I will do a swatch and comparison post.

The Nail Polish Shades I Created With Essie!

Hopefully you'll find this interesting: I remember when this collection came out. I had only just quit biting my nails about 6 months earlier and was buying polishes here and there. I was already learning that Essie was my favourite brand and had bought all four of the Resort Collection polishes.

Only a month later and we were seeing this collection released in stores. I was immediately drawn the to bright pink Madison Ave-Hue and the blue Avenue Maintain, as well as the grey Maximillian Strasse-Herso those were the few I picked up. I didn't yet know my love for pastels so I passed on Go Ginza and in my mind Bond With Whomever was identical to Under Where from the resort collection.

essie meet me at the altar and go ginza

The only one I'm missing is the red polish called Hip-Anema. I've read that it compares very closely to Fifth Avenue which I have in my collection.

Essie Summer 2017 : Swatches, Review & Comparisons

To be honest, I've never understood most of the names exempt for Madison Ave-Hue. I did a little research and found this promo image that explains them well: Let's get into the swatches and comparisons.

essie meet me at the altar and go ginza

Go Ginza I just recently posted about this polish and let you know that there's two different coloured Go Ginza's on the market. I'm still not exactly sure why that is but I'll show you both. This is the pink-toned version which is probably the closest to what Essie was going for since they called it "a cherry blossom pink".

This is so pretty on the nail. My bottle takes coats to be opaque with a tiny bit of ridging possibly because the polish is older and has thickened up a bit. Here's the second, more lilac, version that is out there. This has a great formula, is opaque in 2 coats and self-levels nicely. Hubby For Dessert vs. Meet Me At the Altar vs. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. If I had a bottle of " Lauren's List " and "Butter Blossom" then my collection of Essie yellows would be perfect and complete!

The formula is completely opaque in 3 coats and self-leveled really nicely. Chillato The closest Essie shade I had in my collection was Chillatobut its much more of a pistachio green.

essie meet me at the altar and go ginza

You can see that Butter Blossom is even paler in tone that Chillato. Being next to Chillato is making it look like it has some green in it, but it doesn't.

It's just the palest buttery yellow. And it makes me so happy: Essie needs to make this shade for real. We thought we were only going to get to create one shade, but then they surprised us and said we could make TWO if we wanted!

best *****Nailed it: Essie***** images on Pinterest | Nail Polish, Nail polishes and Enamels

The other shade I really wanted to create was a dusty mauve but in a lighter tone than what Essie currently has. I was thinking Island Hopping but lighter. This is where things got VERY tricky and we all learned how hard it is to mix polish shades. Getting what is in your head to transfer to the bottle was so hard.

essie meet me at the altar and go ginza

Maybe if I had the exact colour I was going for in front of me represented by a piece of clothing or some other item, I would've had an easier time, but going straight out of my head didn't work. I also was torn and kept making the polish more of a pastel because I'm all about those pastels. In the end, I ended up with quite a mauvey pastel that was pretty and Lauren and Hannah told me they loved it, but I was scared it would look bad on my skin tone.

I had worked so hard and long on the polish colour that most other girls were already done and heading back upstairs for lunch. I probably should've just bottled my shade as is, but I panicked and thought "it needs to be more pale and more of a cool tone! Using My Maiden Name is closer to the purple and vibrant side of perwinkle than She's Picture Perfect, which is more blue and even a touch dusty in hue. Both were three coats. These are all shimmers but range from very subtle to more flashy.

The Orly has an orange-y pink microflakie shimmer that pops against the purpley pink base color. My Better Half has a very low key pearlescent shimmer. If I'd looked harder, maybe I could have found some dupes for these Wedding collection colors in the depths of my stash, but I'm coming around to the mindset that it's more useful to see how current polishes compare to fairly recent colors than discovering that a polish out now is an exact match for some Maybelline color from the 80s.

Maybe this is the first step to me letting go of some of those older polishes.