Elsa and anna meet captain america

'Frozen' Meets 'Captain America': You Have To See These Pics - MTV

elsa and anna meet captain america

Someone mashed up "Frozen" and "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" ' Frozen' Meets 'Captain America': You Have To See These Pics Captain Anna. Rated: Fiction T - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Iron Man/Anthony S., Captain America/Steve R., Anna, Elsa - Chapters: 4 - Words: 14, Meet Elsa, Anna, Belle, Prince Adam, Spiderman, Captain America & more on April 23rd, Please note the available times below.

Elsa, thrust into the 21st century, must learn to control her abilities or be treated as a threat to global security. But a time tear separates them from a world they know, to a world that has the Avengers.

Hydra captures the sisters and separates them. The Avengers save Elsa, but now they have to defeat Ultron to find and save Anna.

elsa and anna meet captain america

That's supposed to be the best day of my life, right? That's the day my father got killed, just like Anna. The Duke accused me of my father's death. They made me run, they made me suffer, they made me so mad Somehow I ended up with the Avengers. And believe it or not, but together we fought an alien army, called the Chitauri. And a God named Loki. Sadly, this includes crime. For Elsa and Anna, that means truly deciding if they want to be bystanders Fourth story in the Cryomancy series.

T - English - Adventure - Chapters: Petite histoire un peu glaciale. At night, Cap reflects briefly on his great life and wife. As you can see, a collection of Ideal one-shots between these two. Ideas from you guys would be nice too!

elsa and anna meet captain america

Elsa's life just got much more complicated. They decide to some musical numbers to try and get him out in time to stop Ultron before he destroys them. Songs are from Frozen.

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This is just to put smiles on peoples face and please no mean reviews, plus I couldn't get this out of my head. Tony soon discovers the whereabouts of Anna as Elsa goes to Russia to find her.

She teams up with Peter Quill and an unexpected ally; the Winter Soldier. Soon enough, the mission at hand gets complicated by the minute as there seems to be greater problems rising up to challenge them Rated T for Safety Rated: She's been set on a journey where she learns who she really is and what she is capable of. When she meets the Avengers her life would never be what it had used to be.

K - English - Chapters: A Frozen World by A. Soren reviews The Avengers have to face a new threat: Elsa, the Ice Empress. Doctor Doom now collected the last stone, placing it within the gauntlet, seeing the stones glowing simultaneously, he felt the power surging through him, proceeding down the Asgardian vault, he found a brick wall, using the power of the stones, he blasted the wall destroying it, revealing the destroyer armor, casting a spell breaking it's restraints, Doom stared at it with malicious intent.

Now watching from a distance, Loki remembered their bargin, in exchange for safe passage to Asgard, Doom agreed he will have the comic cube, Doom honored their bargin by handling him the comic cube, Loki smiled seeing he was no longer needed, he teleported, leaving Doom alone with the destroyer armor. All of Asgard shall fall before me!

Time to call in the Avengers! Prepare to feel the might of Rune King Thor! Your rampage ends here! You by now should know I am your superior, with the power of the Infinity Stones and this armor, you are no match for me!

elsa and anna meet captain america

But it's no surprise you are no more than a warrior than a king, I will kill you and take your power for my own! You know nothing of what's coming next.

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What are we up against? Time to meet your demise, at the very hands of Doctor Victor Von Doom! All will bow before Doom! Prepare to embrace your new life Stark, my face will be the last time your pathetic eyes will ever see! The luminous being came crashing down, the immsense shockwave, send him reeling. Still holding onto Stark, using his left hand to shield his eyes from the extremely bright light emitting from the being in front of him.

Put him down Now!