Doctor who donna and the meet again synonym

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doctor who donna and the meet again synonym

However, this thesis more specifically employs Todorov's genre definition which states that .. She would later also meet the Doctor again in his tenth and eleventh provides an alternative history in which Donna and the Doctor never meet. The Time Lords are a fictional, ancient extraterrestrial species in the British science fiction Let's go back to the beginning and say [the Doctor] was a Time Lord, . Donna's memories related to the Doctor, as well as her Time Lord Doctor's time because of the time streams being out of sync after meeting his future selves. (Both the Doctor and that annoying, loud woman, Donna Noble, walk along different (Miss Foster leaves and the workers sit down again.) See you. ( Donna heads for the printer. The Doctor stands then sits again as Clare.

In " Planet of the Ood ", [44] the Tenth Doctor seems able to temporarily confer some degree of telepathy on his companion Donna Noble, so that she can hear the telepathic song of the Ood.

When she is unable to bear the song, the Doctor removes the ability. This telepathic ability is also extended to other alien species to some extent. In the same episode, he is able to "hear" the Ood's telepathic song where the humans could not. In " The Lodger ", [69] the Eleventh Doctor pressed for time and needing to convey a great deal of information to someone smashed his forehead into another person's forehead, causing a massive instantaneous transfer of information.

He then commented that was just the general background, then repeats the action to transfer further information pertinent to the episode. In " Last of the Time Lords ", the Doctor telepathically interfaces with a network tapped into the human population who collectively chant his name. The focus of psychic energy granted the Doctor the ability to de-age himself, float through the air, deflect shots from the Master's laser screwdriver, and telekinetically disarm the Master.

In The Time Monster[76] and Invasion of the Dinosaurs[77] the Third Doctor is able to resist fields of slow time, being able to move through them even though others are paralysed. In City of Death[78] both the Fourth Doctor and Romana notice distortions and jumps in time that no one else does.

In the episode " The Lodger ", [69] the Eleventh Doctor is the only one to notice and remain free of the time loops caused by the activation of the Time Engine. In the seriesthe Ninth Doctor claims that he can sense the movement of the Earth through space [79] as well as being able to perceive the past and all possible futures.

In the original series episode Warriors' GateRomana is called a 'time-sensitive' by a marauding slaver and, though she seems to deny this, is able to interface with his spaceship in ways that only a 'time-sensitive' is supposed to be able to.

doctor who donna and the meet again synonym

In the Series 4 episode " Journey's End ", [30] [83] the Tenth Doctor was shown to use his telepathic abilities to wipe Donna Noble's mind of certain memories, specifically the memories of her travels in the TARDIS and to 'implant' a defence mechanism which is activated in The End of Time.

In the Series 5 episode " The Big Bang " [84] the Doctor telepathically left a message in Amy Pond 's head before sealing her into the Pandorica so that she would know what was happening when she woke up. Time Lords, or at least the Doctor, can read extremely quickly. Time Lords also have the ability to regenerate their bodies when their current body is mortally wounded. This process results in their body undergoing a transformation, gaining a new physical form and a new personality; a Time Lord who was pleasant and polite in his previous regeneration might express surprise when his new form turns out to be prone to saying rude things.

In Castrovalva[67] the Fifth Doctor requires the use of a Zero Room, a chamber shielded from the outside universe that provides an area of calm for him to recuperate.

He comments that there is an excellent polygonal zero room beneath the junior senate block on Gallifrey. The Time Lord's personality also sometimes goes through a period of instability following a regeneration.

There were exceptions to this rule, however: It was revealed in The Brain of Morbius [89] that the Time Lords also use the Elixir of Life in extreme cases, where regeneration is not possible.

It is confirmed in " The Time of the Doctor " [51] that a Time Lord can normally regenerate only twelve times but that the Time Lords have the ability to grant more regenerations: Also in The Deadly Assassin, [65] several Time Lords including the President are stated to have been "murdered" and are not stated to have regenerated. Regeneration, regardless of how many regenerations the individual Time Lord has already undergone, is a conditional and non-inevitable phenomenon.

This is stated in The End of Time when the Tenth Doctor explains to Wilfred Mott that a Time Lord can die before they have a chance to regenerate, in which case they die outright. In Destiny of the Daleks[42] Romana showed the ability to rapidly change form several times in a row during her first regeneration, and apparently had the ability to change into whatever appearance she desired.

When the Doctor remarks upon her ability, she comments that he should have stayed in university. However, despite showing several appearances, Romana regenerated only once on that occasion.

In " Utopia ", [64] the Master, just before regeneration, claimed that he would become "young and strong", implying that he could choose the form of his new body.

The human-Time Lord hybrid River Song in " Let's Kill Hitler " claimed she was "focusing on a dress size", but subsequently weighed herself, seeming unsure of how her new body had truly developed. This again implies that regeneration is not inevitable and can indeed be refused. Upon encountering the remains of fellow Time Lord the Corsair in " The Doctor's Wife ", the Doctor refers to the Corsair as both male and female, hinting that Time Lords can switch genders upon their regenerations; [32] this is confirmed in " Dark Water ", in which the Masterpreviously seen in various male incarnations for over forty years, [1] [64] [65] [87] [92] returned as a female.

In The War Games[10] the War Chief recognises the Second Doctor despite his regeneration and it is implied that the Doctor knows him when they first meet.

Omega is similarly able to recognise the two Doctors as the same man. In Planet of the Spiders[94] the Third Doctor has trouble recognising his former mentor. In The Deadly Assassin[65] Announcer Runcible, an old classmate, recognises the Fourth Doctor despite his changes in appearance and mentions that the Doctor appears to have had a "face lift" since they last met. In The Armageddon Factor[95] Drax, another alumnus immediately recognises the Fourth Doctor, though the Doctor does not recognise him.

In The Twin Dilemma[96] the Doctor's old friend Azmael fails to recognise him, as the Doctor has regenerated twice since their last encounter. In The Two Doctors[56] when the Sixth Doctor and Second Doctor first meet, they are initially quiet until they face each other and simultaneously yell at each other, each recognising immediately the other. In Survivalthe Master recognises the Seventh Doctor on sight. In " The Sound of Drums ", [15] the Doctor states that Time Lords can "always" recognise each other, although, while on Earth, the Master used satellites with a telepathic network to mask his presence from the Doctor.

doctor who donna and the meet again synonym

The Doctor in this circumstance appears to only be referring to recognition of the individual as a Time Lord, not necessarily the specific identity. However, when he sees the Master on television, he recognises him. In " The Next Doctor ", [99] the Tenth Doctor initially seems unable to detect that the human Jackson Lakewho identifies himself as the Doctor, is not actually his regenerated future self.

In The End of Time[31] the Doctor immediately recognises an unidentified elderly female Time Lord on sight, and also refers to the lead Time Lord by the name Rassilon an earlier incarnation of Rassilon had appeared in " The Five Doctors ". In the context of the story, however, he may have encountered both during the Time War, though he himself has regenerated since they last saw him. Rassilon and the woman recognised the Doctor on sight as well, but the Doctor's presence, regardless of incarnation, was expected.

In " The Day of the Doctor ", [35] the War Doctor recognises neither the Tenth Doctor nor the Eleventhinitially assuming them to be future companions. Likewise, earlier on, when the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor's first meet, the Tenth Doctor does not recognise his successor at first, but after the Eleventh Doctor's reaction upon seeing him, he is quick to realise who the Eleventh Doctor is.

In " Dark Water ", [93] the Twelfth Doctor is unable to recognise the Master until she reveals her identity. In " Turn Left ", [90] the Tenth Doctor is killed in his own rampage against the Racnoss without Donna to stop him and ultimately save his life. A UNIT soldier speculates that he died "too fast for him to regenerate". In " The Impossible Astronaut ", [] a future version of the Eleventh Doctor is shot, causing him to begin his regeneration cycle. He is shot again before the regeneration completes, causing him to die instantly.

However, in " The Wedding of River Song ", [] it is revealed this was a shape shifting android the Doctor used to fake his death, making this questionable. Toward the end of episode 3 he is seen, apparently, fighting off the effects of an impending regeneration so he can return to Androzani Minor to save his companion Peri.

Discussion of the Shadow Proclamation : gallifrey

In Logopolis[86] the Fourth Doctor falls hundreds of feet to the ground, yet is still conscious and able to talk to his companions when they find him minutes later before he regenerates.

In The Caves of Androzani, [] the Fifth Doctor remains conscious throughout the entire course of his eventually fatal spectrox toxaemia, while his human companion Peri loses consciousness as the disease worsens. In " The Stolen Earth ", [50] the Tenth Doctor is shot by a Dalek's energy weapon, which has almost always been shown to instantly kill any other lifeform, yet is still conscious and able to return, with some assistance, to the TARDIS in order to regenerate.

However, he was skimmed by the energy shot, while all others were shot in the middle of the back or in the chest, closer to vital organs. The Eleventh Doctor is also shot squarely by a weakened Dalek in " The Big Bang " and severely injured, but he manages to execute his plan to restart the universe nonetheless. Early news reports, before the episode was broadcast, suggested he would say there is no limit to the number of regenerations.

He insisted that the "thirteen lives" rule was too deeply entrenched in the viewer consciousness for his throwaway line to affect it. However, the Time Lords intervened through a crack in time to grant him a full new regeneration cycle. Culture and society[ edit ] The Time Lord homeworld, Gallifreyis an Earth-like planet in the fictional constellation of Kasterborous.

Its capital city is referred to as the Citadel, and contains the Capitol, the seat of Time Lord government. At the centre of the Capitol is the Panopticon, beneath which is the Eye of Harmony.

Outside the Capitol lie wastelands where the "Outsiders", Time Lords who have dropped out of Time Lord society, live in less technologically advanced communities, shunning life in the cities. Miss Foster leaves and the workers sit down again. Anyway, if you could print that off. So if you could just print off that list, I'll get out of your way. Donna heads for the printer. The Doctor stands then sits again as Clare gives him a piece of paper. You be health, I'll be safety.

But that contravenes er, paragraph five, subsection C. Donna collects the printouts and leaves. The Doctor walks behind her to the printer and looks for his copies, then returns to Clare.

Who wants to know? I represent Adipose Industries, and you're on the list of our valued customers. I'm calling on behalf of Adipose Industries. Just need to ask you a few questions. I've started the pills on Thursday.

Five days later, I've lost eleven pounds. And no side effects or anything? No, I feel fantastic. It's a new lease of life. Now, what do you think about these earrings. I've been on the pills for two weeks now. I've lost fourteen kilos. That's the same amount every day? You wake up, and it's disappeared overnight.

Well, technically speaking, it's gone by ten past one in the morning. What makes you say that? That's when I get woken up. Might as well weigh myself at the same time. You going on a date? I'm doing the opposite. I can do better than him now. Right, I won't be long. If the taxi beeps, give me a shout. It is driving me mad. Ten minutes past one, every night, bang on the dot without fail, the burglar alarm goes off. I've had experts in, I've had it replaced, I've even phoned Watchdog. But no, ten past one in the morning, off it goes.

But with no burglars? I've given up looking.

The Tenth Doctor: Five Favourites

Have you got a cat flap? It was here when I bought the house. I've never bothered with it, really. I'm not a cat person. No, I've met cat people. You're nothing like them. It's that what it is, though? Cats getting inside the house?

doctor who donna and the meet again synonym

Well, thing about cat flaps is, they don't just let things in, they let things out as well. Oh, that's all right. Donna takes the Adipose pendant out and examines it, then she twists it absentmindedly and Stacy's stomach growls.

As Donna twiddles with the gold capsule, Stacey's abdomen moves around. Miss Foster uses her wrist-watch communicator. We have unscheduled parthenogenesis. Well, thanks for your help. Tell you what, maybe you could lay off the pills for a week or so.

The Doctor's three lobed gizmo beeps.

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Send out the collection squad. A black van with sirens and lights speeds out of the Adipose Industries car park. You all right up there? The little creature looks up at her. The Adipose has been witnessed. Miss Foster twiddles her own pendant. I like what you've done with the hall. Are you all right? I wouldn't mind a little visit myself. Everything all right in there? She knocks on the bathroom door. Do you mind if I pop to the loo? Lots of lumps are moving around below Stacy's clothes.

Oh my God, help me! What is it, what's wrong? Stacy has bolted the door on the inside.