Coronation street katy and chesney first meet

coronation street katy and chesney first meet

Coronation Street spoilers: Chesney Brown heartbroken after Katy Armstrong Coronation Street: Izzy Armstrong revealed her sister Katy. Coronation Street's teen couple Katy Armstrong and Chesney been filming scenes which see Katy (Georgia May Foote) give birth early at the. Katy arrives in Coronation Street to visit her older sister, Izzy. She meets Chesney Brown at a birthday party and is he really couldn't have asked for a sexier first girlfriend.

The couple soon realise that they cannot afford their own flat but Katy moves in with Chesney at 5 Coronation Street. A few months later, Chesney and Katy rent a flat on Victoria Street.

When Katy discovers she is pregnant, Owen favours an abortion. Katy talks through her options with Izzy and, when Chesney is kidnapped by John Stape Graeme Hawleyshe thinks he has disappeared and decides on an abortion, but changes her mind when Chesney returns. Katy is cast as Mary in the local nativity play and goes into labour during the performance.

coronation street katy and chesney first meet

Katy struggles with being a mother and leaves him unattended while she goes out; she briefly leaves the Street when she doubts her parenting skills, but she returns after talking things through with Izzy. A fertility clinic counsellor asks Katy if she can see herself giving up a baby and questions whether she is emotionally strong enough. Izzy changes her mind about the surrogacy. Katy develops a crush on Ryan Connor Sol Heras and begins a short-lived affair with him.

coronation street katy and chesney first meet

Katy and Ryan are spotted by Gary, who punches Ryan. Chesney realises that Katy has been cheating on him, and throws her out onto the street. Katy and Joseph move in with Owen and Anna. Tina goes into labour with Izzy and Gary's baby, two months prematurely.

Izzy cuts off her links with Gary, Katy and Ryan.

coronation street katy and chesney first meet

Katy tells Chesney that she does not like how much time Sinead is spending with Joseph. When Chesney makes a remark about Ryan and his drug addiction, Katy leaves. Sinead sees that Chesney is using her to get back at Katy. When Katy and Ryan ask Chesney to babysit, it leads to a row with Sinead. Katy and Sinead clash, leading to an argument in the street. Katy breaks up with Ryan and begs Chesney for another chance, but he refuses.

She soon fell pregnant and told Chesney, but didn't tell Owen. She received consolation from Anna Windass who told her that she couldn't keep the baby a secret from her father for long.

coronation street katy and chesney first meet

Katy's pregnancy also affected her exams as she spent much of the time throwing up and couldn't focus on revision beforehand. Owen eventually found out after Anna's foster daughter Faye Butler overheard Katy talking about morning sickness and informed Owen, who received confirmation from Katy that she was indeed pregnant.

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Soon after, Chesney disappeared after John locked him up with Alan and Dorothy Hoyle in the Hoyles' cellar and Owen assumed he'd done a runner. Katy agreed to have an abortion but Chesney stopped her at the last minute after escaping. Katy and Chesney moved back into No. Although determined at first not to let his faithful companion be put to sleep, he eventually agreed to say goodbye to his dog.

Corrie viewers react to 'random' death of Katy Armstrong with some forgetting who she was

In DecemberKaty gave birth to their son, who they named Joseph. Breakup and doomed relationships Edit In MayKaty took on a job share with Gail McIntyre as a receptionist at V Court Fitness and moved back into 19a Victoria Street to accompany friend Steph Britton the following month after Anna revealed that she had slept with Pat Phelan in an attempt to stop him blackmailing the family. Following her breakup with Chesney, she was involved in relationships with Ryan Connor and Callum Loganhowever these didn't last and ended in heartbreak.

Reunion with mother, new start and death On 18th Octobershe died in a car crash in Portugal. Chesney traveled to Portugal to support Joseph and attend Katy's funeral, before returning back to Weatherfield with Joseph who was still reeling from the death of his mother. Background information Edit The character was introduced as a family member for Izzy Armstrong and a potential love interest for Chesney Brown. In Aprilit was announced that Georgia May Foote was to be written out. She left the series alongside Lucca-Owen Warwick who played her on-screen son Joseph Brownwith the two characters leaving on-screen in March The character could be heard off-screen in May when Chesney spoke to Sinead on a web chat from Portugal.

coronation street katy and chesney first meet