Castle and beckett meet fanfiction fifty

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castle and beckett meet fanfiction fifty

Kate Beckett is the new nanny for Richard Castle's young daughter, . "Nice to meet you, Miss Beckett," he said, giving her his winning smile. "Castle. Stop it. It's just a dress." He's irrationally angry at her, furious at her for wearing this lingerie, because dammit Beckett, who even wears. Completed Caskett stories, no WIPs will be added to the archive until they are Castle - Rated: T - English - Romance/Family - Chapters: 50 - Words: park, but what found her there was a chance to meet the man that saved her years ago.

But in order to return to work, Beckett is forced by Burke to keep a daily journal.

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Transparency by Liv Wilder reviews "So, I did as you asked and I thought about what you said," she rattles out nervously, jumping straight in to a speech, as if she's an actor hitting her mark the second she reaches the middle of the living room floor; her lines immediately starting to flow.

Flashpoint by stardust reviews When a little girl's mother is found dead, Beckett struggles to find justice while fighting her own lingering feelings regarding her mother's murder.

castle and beckett meet fanfiction fifty

Set around "When the Bough Breaks". Similar to "Heat Wave". The case is over, Beckett and her team succeeded. Kate's wounds from her encounter with Maddox are almost healed Beckett turned down Jordan's offer to help catch the dragon Castle and Beckett's relationship continues to deepen Crossing the Line by katiepwns reviews Kate was only looking to spend time with her son at the park, but what found her there was a chance to meet the man that saved her years ago.

castle and beckett meet fanfiction fifty

Treasure by International08 reviews Carefully she flips open the worn cover of At Dusk We Die, her fingers smoothing over the yellowed, dog-eared pages. Kate goes to the loft to find out what's wrong, and what she discovers surprises her.

In this story we explore what happens if he actually did. Beckett's Security Blanket by teamWilson reviews "Damnit Kate I'm a man, not your personal teddy bear or security blanket.

castle and beckett meet fanfiction fifty

You can't just crawl into my bed every night and expect me to just lay there! Beckett is the bounty hunter hired to find him and bring him back to New York.

She raced down the street, swerving between mothers with strollers, businessmen, and street vendors, skidding to a halt in front of Broome Street.

She took a second to catch her breath before entering the building. The elevator was thankfully already on her floor by the time she reached it and it was only a few seconds until she reached the top floor and was knocking on the door of… "Richard Rodgers," Kate read, reading the newspaper ad in her hand about a single father looking for a nanny for his five-year-old daughter.

He was offering five hundred a week, which was great money, considering she would still be able to go to all her classes and she would be a live-in nanny, meaning she wouldn't have to pay ridiculous rent fares or travel too far.

She also wouldn't have to live with her father and she felt guilty about being relieved. But she just couldn't take- "Hello! Kate smiled back, softly. Kate smiled and offered her hand. My name is Kate. Kate tried to find a place to sit but could find none.

castle and beckett meet fanfiction fifty

Alexis noticed this at once and led her into the adjoining kitchen. Kate thanked her and took a seat next to her at the high counter, where a few papers and some crayons were laid out. Alexis had been drawing when Kate arrived, trying to keep her distance from the other nannies who all spoke to her like she was a baby. Kate didn't do that. She asked her about her drawings and seemed generally interested in what she had to say.

Alexis hoped that Kate would be her new nanny rather than any one of the other nannies who treated her like an infant and spoke with funny accents. Kate kept checking her watch as she talked and drew with Alexis gaining disapproving looks from her peers.

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Alexis, ever observant noticed this. Kate looked at her, confused. But I don't have anywhere to be but here.

Suddenly the door to Castle's office opened. Ungermire, I'll be sure to call you if you get the job. Castle," a bespectacled old lady with a thick Russian accent and a large mole on her chin said, stepping out of the office.

The old lady thumped her head in a hard pat as she exited. Alexis pouted and shut the door behind her, praying that that wasn't her new nanny. Meanwhile, Kate was in shock. That was Richard Castle, bestselling author of some of her favorite crime novels.

She loved his books! But she was supposed to be interviewing for a Rick Rodgers… Kate could have kicked herself right then and there; Richard Castle's given name was Richard Rodgers, like the Broadway theater.

She should have known! Kate cleared her throat before calling out, "Here! Castle followed her voice and his eyes widened at the young woman standing in his kitchen, wearing a professional white blouse and gray slacks, and a matching blazer.

castle and beckett meet fanfiction fifty

Her chestnut colored hair was tied into a braid and he could see a few slivers of some bright color in it. She was absolutely breathtaking and the three inch heels added to her already tall stature. She was standing by Alexis who kept pointing to her and smiling, giving him thumbs up as Kate walked over to him.