Casey and tamara first meet

casey and tamara first meet

Casey arrives in Summer Bay with his brothers Darryl, known as "Brax", and Heath, as their Casey is later given early release and surprises Ruby by accompanying him to the school formal. Casey meets his father,Danny (Andy McPhee), and decides to forge a Casey distracts Kyle long enough for Tamara to escape. Tamara stumbled across Casey Braxton after his half-brother Kyle had left him . Kyle admitted the truth about their first meeting and Tamara gave Casey one. Tamara Jane Kingsley is a fictional character from the Australian Channel Seven soap opera Upon moving to Summer Bay, Tamara testifies in court for Casey, competes with Paterniti's first scenes were aired during 1 October . he and Tamara hadn't met in the circumstances they did, they'd get along really well" .

It was quite difficult to do.

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I think Casey and Tamara are better suited, purely because she doesn't let him become too down or introspective. The two become closer as they both work at Angelo's restaurant. Westaway told a reporter from Inside Soap that "he thinks that if he and Tamara hadn't met in the circumstances they did, they'd get along really well".

Kyle decides to make Tamara aware of his feelings to see how she reacts.

casey and tamara first meet

But she is unnerved and keeps her distance from Kyle. Westaway explained that "he desperately tries to make Tamara see that there could be something between them. But Kyle's behaviour around her makes Tamara think "gosh, does he have feelings for me". Paterniti added that Kyle believes Tamara loves him too, which leaves her feeling "stunned".

But the truth is revealed during a Braxton family event. Cheryl Braxton Suzi Dougherty notices and deliver the revelation, causing a drunken fight. The actors particularly enjoyed filming the violent stunts. Subsequently, Tamara and Casey's relationship becomes unstable - she explained that Tamara and Casey "have a rule to remain open and honest with each other and she hasn't been". But Tamara wanted to avoid anymore conflict, and after the fight she feels justified.

But she finds herself on the receiving in a "very one-sided" kiss from Kyle. Paterniti opined that it is the point in the storyline that gives Tamara "a real shock". She fears it could destroy her relationship. Brax becomes aware of the kiss and becomes "incredibly annoyed" with them. The actress added that "it's the worst thing that could have happened and it brings back all of the tension between the Braxton's again. She also feels betrayed by Ricky because the Braxton's welcomed her into their lives.

Tamara decides to tell the police the truth. She loves Casey and she wants to get him out of jail. But Adam decides to remove Tamara and organises her abduction. It would be different if I felt I hadn't done much. But, Tamara went through a lot! We never had to repeat storylines. But she felt it was too long to commit to. Unbeknownst to Kyle, Tamara ignites the spare petrol container Kyle kept in his truck and tosses it at him causing an explosion allowing all 3 to escape.

Weeks later, she turns up in Summer Bay for Casey's court case and gives evidence. Tamara decides to stay in the Bay and she tells Casey that she cannot go home because she feels responsible for her brother's death. Casey gets her a job at Angelo's and Tamara later kisses him on the beach.

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Casey's girlfriend Sasha Bezmel becomes jealous and Casey tells them both that he just wants to be friends. Tamara gets a delivery job at Angelo's and she confronts Casey, telling him that she wants a relationship with him. Casey tells Tamara that she should go home and talk to her parents about her brother's death. Tamara returns and breaks down, telling Casey that things with her parents did not go well.

The pair decide to begin a relationship. But Nelson arrives in Summer Bay and attempts to force Tamara into returning home with him. Kyle attacks Nelson and they hand him into the police station. Tamara is spared charges for covering up the circumstances of her brother's death. She constantly worries as Casey has to spend his weekends in prison. Tamara begins to be hostile with Kyle despite his help.

But she begins to change her opinion of him unaware that he is attracted to her. Kyle tells Tamara how he feels and she rejects him. Casey finds out the truth and Tamara is upset when Casey does not trust her.

Kyle tries to kiss Tamara and she threatens to leave Summer Bay to defuse the tension. She soon becomes annoyed when Casey spends all of his time working at the gym. She convinces Casey to stand up for himself and has an argument with his boss Indi Walker Samara Weaving. He decided to move back in with his family while she stayed at the house. After Casey had turned up drunk and she found herself in the crossfire between him and Kyle, she decided to leave town but Kyle went running after her and kissed her.

They slept together, establishing themselves as a couple. They initially tried to keep it secret from Casey but Kyle ended up having to tell him. Casey went to Tamara in a frantic mood, begging her to remember her true feelings, but only succeeded in scaring her. Kyle admitted the truth about their first meeting and Tamara gave Casey one day to remind her of her old feelings.

His tour of romantic moments and playing her an old phone message she had left him failed to jog any memories and she told Kyle she wanted to be with him. Tamara spent time with them and they managed to rebuild their relationship, before they asked her to move back home with them. With Kyle leaving the choice to her, she decided to go with them but after Kyle told her he loved her she changed her mind at the last minute and decided to stay with him.

While chatting with Ricky, she had a flashback of Ricky and Adam arguing at the warehouse and told April that she was scared of losing Kyle if her memory came back. They worried about Casey finding out about her memory recovery if she had to mention it in court but, in her testimony, she stated that she now remembered Ricky helping her and, as she was talking, had a brief flash of being with Casey. She began attending school again and asked Sally to help tutor her. When she saw Casey collapsed on the beach, in a similar state to when she first saw him, her memories began flooding back and Leah found her collapsed at home, overwhelmed.

She admitted to Bianca that she loved both Casey and Kyle, and admitted to Kyle that she now remembered Casey.

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She tried to talk to April about it but April abruptly told her to stop stringing them both along. She told Kyle it was him she wanted to be with and also informed Casey of her choice. She had a go at Tamara at the reception, prompting her and Kyle to leave early. Then Casey was in a car crash and Tamara rushed to his bedside and began spending a lot of time with him, including spending the night by his side.

She upset Kyle by admitting she still had feelings for Casey, prompting him to break up with her. She turned her attention to Casey, convincing him to do his physio. She was with him when he regained feeling in his legs and, after accompanying him to a physio session, kissed him on impulse. After initial awkwardness, she managed to clear the air with Kyle and settle for being friends.

There continued to be tension between her and Casey as they spent time together. She was kept out of the loop when Brax turned himself in for killing Johnny Barrett, eventually finding out from Jett. Finding the situation with Casey difficult, she decided to go away for a bit but instead he turned up and kissed her. She arranged a romantic evening in with Casey at home and a picnic on the wharf.

They decided to split up, only for April and Dexter to ask them to be best man and matron of honour at their wedding, on the grounds they were the most inspirational couple they knew. They decided to pretend to still be a couple so as not to let them down, although Kyle noticed what was going on, allowing Bianca to comfort her.

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They made it through the service and shared a last dance together at the reception. She saw Heath on the beach, allowing her to provide him with an alibi when Jade Montgomery tried to frame him for assault. She became frustrated at the rift between the Summer Bay and Mangrove River students at school and tried to find a way to bring them together. After failing to get a school concert organised, she and Kyle began organising a music festival instead, and she managed to persuade several locals to act as sponsors and provide help.

When Kyle disappeared, she initially believed he was with Phoebe, until Casey told her Kyle had turned Phoebe down and she found Phoebe with Chris.

casey and tamara first meet

She managed to convince Zac and Casey to take her seriously and, with Hannah, they worked out the trio were being held in a shipping crate and rescued them. However, while working out her notice she covered for Kyle so he could spend the day with Phoebe. When Sasha decided to stand for school captain, Tamara volunteered to be her campaign manager.

However, they clashed when Tamara was in favour of more integration with the Mangrove River students while Sasha wanted to keep them separate.

Tamara tried to defend Sasha when Matt heckled her during her campaign launch but this resulted in Matt calling for Tamara to stand instead. She gave a heartfelt election speech, which prompted Sasha to endorse her captaincy, and was elected. She was frustrated when fellow captain Matt left her to do all the work.

casey and tamara first meet

When Jett wanted to have a memorial for Gina, she convinced Kyle to do a concert to raise money and told him not to lose the energy he got from playing. She narrowly avoided eating the poisoned risotto that Chris had prepared.

She found Zac passed out drunk on the beach and took him home. She involved Matt in the launch of the writing competition remembering Gina but was standoffish towards Chris. When Darcy and Harley went missing, Chris insisted on being paired up with her in the search parties. Although she softened towards him slightly, she was quick to suggest they split up to explore the back roads but was run over. She was released and returned to school. When she started having headaches, Nate took her for a scan and discovered bleeding behind the optic nerve which could send her blind.

She kept it quiet from Leah and everyone else but ended up confiding in Oscar. Nate booked her in for an emergency operation. Then Sasha told her that Oscar had been driving and she angrily confronted him, before admitting the truth of her condition to Leah and Matt. She phoned her parents and told them she wanted to come home.