Aang and zuko meet the dragons

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aang and zuko meet the dragons

Aang & Zuko Meet the Dragons: Full Scene [HD] - YouTube. Avatar: The Last Airbender () is an American animated television series airing on Nickelodeon. It follows the adventures of Aang, the successor to a. The Legend of Korra/ Avatar the Last Airbender: dragon dance Avatar Wan, Korra Iroh meets Zuko's Dragon | by masterarrowhead on sexygf.info | The Last.

Forget—" "Not the time. Everyone hide," instructed Aang. Aang and Toph pulled a large earth barrier up.

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Aang made a peephole to see who it was. A funnily dressed man walked into the room. Aang, of course, recognized the man as soon as he saw him. The Sun Chief bowed back. After a week after the meeting with Ran and Cha sufficient mastery should have been achieved. The Sun Warrior nodded. After Zuko and Aang did the dance, the Sun Warrior looked pleased. You have mastered the form," he said, taking out the Sunstone that they had been accused of attempting to steal at the city.

Trivia In the non-canon comic " New Recruits ", Hiroshi has a pet rock-dragon named Genji that complements his earthbending. Ran and Shaw encircle each other in a similar way to Tui and La. This symbolizes the taijitucommonly known as the yin and yang symbol, which is usually black and white.


There was a golden dragon statue in the Fire Nation's throne room during Sozin's reign. Dragons in the Avatar universe are a combination of both Chinese and European dragons.

Chinese dragons are serpentine and have canine-esque snouts with whiskers, though they are more generally affiliated with water than any other element. One of the nine different types of Chinese dragons has wings, just as in the franchise.

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In addition, different colored dragons are associated with different locations, as blue dragons reside in bodies of water while red dragons are associated with the south. Aang hypothesizes that Zuko must not have enough rage to create fire like he used to in the past.

aang and zuko meet the dragons

Sokkastating that all they would have to do is make Zuko angry, starts poking him wildly with his sword sheath. However, Zuko says that he no longer wants to rely on anger and hatred, so Toph encourages him to learn from the original source of firebending, like how she learned earthbending from the badgermoleswho were the original earthbenders.

Zuko says that the dragons were the original firebenders, but that they have been extinct for some time. Flabbergated, Aang comments that when he was a kid there were many dragons and Avatar Roku had a dragon, but Zuko does not find it very helpful. Knowing that either he needs to find another way to firebend or the Avatar needs to find a new teacher, Zuko tells Aang about an ancient civilization that died out thousands of years earlier called the Sun Warriorshoping the ruins of the culture could provide an alternate but equally viable source.

Zuko and Aang fly to the Sun Warrior ruins on Appathey land and start exploring the ruins.

Zuko Understands

Aang nearly falls into a trapwhich Zuko is surprised to see still works even after centuries of being built. He bypasses the trap by running across the adjoining wall.

Aang is hesitant to continue, but Zuko edges him on and they find a massive stone carving depicting dragons and a Sun Warrior.

A large mural depicts the dragons. In the mural, two of the dragons are breathing fire onto the Sun Warrior.

aang and zuko meet the dragons

Aang is surprised because he got the impression that the dragons were friends with the Sun Warriors, while Zuko remarks that they had a funny way of showing it. Aang asks Zuko what happened to the dragons, and Zuko reveals that the dragons became extinct because Fire Lord Sozin started the tradition of hunting them for glory and the title of 'Dragon'. He tells Aang that the person who killed the last living dragon was his uncle, Iroh.

While exploring the ruins, Aang and Zuko come across a locked door with a sunstone on top. Zuko sees a celestial calendar is used to open the door specifically on the summer solstice and uses his sword to reflect sunlight onto the jewel, causing it to open. Aang compliments his intelligence, telling him he "doesn't care what anyone else thinks". Inside they find various statues which depict a firebending form called the Dancing Dragon. Aang imitates the first statue and discovers there are tile switches linked to the dance positions.